Department Of Veterinary Services Malaysia

Control, prevent and eradicate animal and zoonotic diseases.
Production of livestock, livestock produce and animal feed. Inspection of meat, milk, eggs, animal feed, abattoirs and veterinary product processing plant and Control of import and export of livestock and animal produce and quarantine services. Provides Training for the livestock and domestic animal industries. Expand livestock production and animal health as well as general veterinary health. Research on animal diseases and animal genetic sources. Control the welfare of animals welfare and conservation of animal's genetic materials. (Daging Halal Wagyu)



Foreign Halal Certification Body

Review, verify and regulate all food products and consumables that Islam is pure and clean secure the efficient and effective. Halal certification services are reliable and recognized both nationally and internationally.
In view of many raw material used in local food production are mostly imported products which requires the appointment of reputable and reliable foreign halal certification bodies to monitor the Halal status of these raw materials. The recognition is also extended to halal status of finished products.



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